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 Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Grandmothers Against War believes the U.S. military presence around the world has escalated, not alleviated, death and destruction, inflamed and encouraged radical anti-U.S. attitudes, and failed to keep the U.S. safer. With approximately half of every tax dollar going towards military costs, this country cannot deal with its own social and economic needs while internally it has become increasingly militaristic.


Our Goals:

  • End the U.S. military presence around the globe and the growing militarization of U.S. society 
  • Promote the use of peaceful negotiations, not military force, to resolve international conflicts


 Join with us.  The United States needs the wise voices of grandparents and their friends who wish to leave all children a better, safer world. 

Contact us at: info@gawba.org



  • JOIN US  to leaflet and talk with participants at First Friday events in Downtown Oakland each month , 5-8 PM. See Ongoing Actions
  • Walk for Peace on the Golden Gate Bridge on the second Sunday of each month at noon, sponsored by Code Pink and supported by GAWBA. Code Pink Walk for Peace
  • Sign Barbara Lee's petition to ask Congress to debate and vote on the newest expansion of war against ISIS. Call a Vote!
  • In recognition of Veterans Day, learn what it's like to go to war through events in November at the San Francisco Public Library. Events are listed at the botton of the page, What It's Like to Go To War


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To contact Grandmothers Against War, email us at info@GAWBA.org