Ongoing Actions


"Reach Out" in Union Square, San Francisco


Bring our troops and war dollars home. Join Grandmothers Against War in a "Reach Out" at Union Square in San Francisco every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 pm.  We talk to - and leaflet - passers-by, Bay Area residents on lunch breaks and tourists, about the need to bring our troops and war dollars home.


We meet at the corner of Powell and Geary at Noon.  We'll have the leaflets and banners and Grandmothers Against War signs; all we need is YOU!  For more information contact us at

"Reach Out" with Grandmothers and Veterans for Peace at monthly First Friday events in Downtown Oakland 


These events draw a lively multi-ethnic, multi-generational crowd that welcomes our leaflets and placards, and that engages in discussions with us. Our presence also supports the efforts of Veterans for Peace.  Find us at 2430 Telegraph Ave (between 24th and 25th Streets) from 5-8 pm. For more information, contact us at 


Visits and Letters to Congresspeople


Intent upon having our voices heard, we periodically have  visited the local offices of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher.                                                                               


Besides sending postcards we have also written letters to our congressional and other elected representatives.  Generally GAW has expressed its position on various policies in these letters; occasionally we have even thanked our representatives for their actions.  (Link to sample letter coming soon.)


The Full Picture;  a "Truth-in Recruiting" Project


Military recruiters have a very significant presence on many high school campuses.  Working with The Full Picture, a project of the American Friends Service Committee, we have taken on the job of countering their presence in East Bay schools with that of grandmothers who have the interest of students at heart. What are the recruiters telling students that may be untrue?  What are the recruiters conveniently neglecting to tell them about military service? We bring a veteran who shares his expectations on joining the military, his experiences, and what students need to know if they are considering military service.  


Sometimes, it is difficult to gain access to schools, although the law requires that we be permitted to have such access.  So we meet with principals, counselors, teachers, and even school superintendents, explain to them what we are doing, and eventually we are able to enter the schools with literature, set up tables at Career Fairs, and visit classrooms. 


We invite you to join us. The work can be as time-consuming as you wish, from delivering leaflets to school libraries and counseling centers, to tabling, to bringing a vet to class.

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