Books for Children

Grandmothers against War recommends two excellent websites for children's book recommendations  related to peace and social justice.


From the Cooperative Children's Book Center, a library of the University of Wisconsin School of Education, comes 50 Books about Peace and Social Justice,  While the list includes picture books, many of the recommendations are aimed at older children and young adults.


The Children's Peace Education and Anti-Bias Library, located at Cabrillo Community College in Santa Cruz, California, provides a searchable database of young children's books for ages 0-8 years old.


Books for Adults


Love Grandma, Activists Write, Grandmothers Against War- Bay Area, Lulu Press, 2007. For more information see "Love, Grandma" Letters.


Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off our Fannies and Standing up for Peace, Joan Wile, Citadel Press, 2008. Introduction by Malachy McCourt. Stories of women who have lived for most of a bloody century and chose to spend some of their last years to speak out for a peaceful future.


Green on Blue,  Elliot Ackerman, Scribner, 2015.  This new novel received an excellent review in the New York Times.


More books about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are described in the New York Times Article, Human Costs of The Forever Wars, Enough to Fill A Bookshelf.

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