Non-Military Alternatives for Young Adults

There are many opportunites to receive job training and earn money, while serving your country and community.  Below are a few links that will help you find paid internships or work that is right for you.





Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership

Paid internships and training in health care jobs.


Young adults earn money while they engage in service work and receive training. Positions available throughout the country.


Berkeley Youth Alternatives— Career Development and Prevention Center

Provides support for young adults who are “at-risk” (homeless, foster care, and similar hardships) to learn job skills and get paid job experience.


California Conservation Corps

Paid internships working outside to repair state parks, fight fires, and provide other important services. (Includes housing, meals, and medical care.)


California Employment Development Department

The website has many useful links to job training programs, internships, and job placement.


Paid internships in the East Bay for high school graduates in parks, recycling programs, construction, etc.

Job Corps

Nationwide program that places high school graduates in paid training and service programs.


Peralta Community Colleges  Career and Technical Education

Our East Bay Community Colleges offer over 50 different career training programs. Financial assistance is available.

Treasure Island Job Corp

Provides paid job training in a variety of occupations. Includes housing, meals, medical care, and a paid stipend.

Year Up Bay Area

Paid one-year internship and training program for low income young adults, focusing on business skills.


YEP—Youth Employment Training Program

Paid internships and training programs, such as home construction, for low income young adults.

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