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Love, Grandma: Activists Write.

In 2007, Grandmothers Against War published LOVE GRANDMA: ACTIVISTS WRITE, a collection of letters and poetry for grandchildren of all ages by women and men committed to a better, peaceful world. We hope younger generations will be moved by our accounts of why and how we became activists and will be encouraged to participate in the movements affecting their lives and times.

Grandmothers Against War invited others to write letters about their efforts to build a better, peaceful world, efforts that began in the last century and continue today. Contributions came from around the nation and from across the seas. These personal statements, along with sketches of our family photographs, became the paperback volume LOVE, GRANDMA.

LOVE, GRANDMA reveals the hearts and the lives of people born in the United States and of those who immigrated to our country seeking new lives. Regardless of background, these are tales of people devoted to constructive, non-violent action to bring about peace and social change, to build a better future for all the world's children.


Click here to read some of the letters. 

By distributing the book widely we want to persuade people to take action and to consider writing their own letters to their grandchildren and sharing them with us. The 108-page book is available directly from our on-line publisher, lulu.com

An eBook can be downloaded for free at http://www.lulu.com/shop/grandmothers-against-the-war/love-grandma-activists-write/ebook/product-17489731.html


A paperback for $7.32 plus tax and shipping is available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/grandmothers-against-the-war/love-grandma-activists-write/paperback/product-1841534.html


Pass on the love. Write to your grandchild.

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